CyberPanel VPS hosting is basically Linux virtual server hosting with CyberPanel preconfigured and hosting reseller capabilities. CyberPanel shared hosting would be a single restricted CyberPanel account. Hosting providers will oftentimes implement additional features to connect customers with software they’ve developed in-house. Managed CyberPanel server plans may also include free technical support, something uncommon with unmanaged VPS plans. 

Is CyberPanel Hosting Right for You?

Now that we’ve covered the differences between a managed CyberPanel server and an unmanaged server with CyberPanel manually installed, here are some important things to consider before making a decision.

Pros of CyberPanel Hosting

CyberPanel is installed for you. There’s a file manager within the dashboard where you can move and edit files. Some hosting providers might add their own terminal emulator for any scripts you need to run (a terminal emulator isn’t included by default).

It will likely have fewer bugs. CyberPanel Free Forever isn’t highly stable as many features do not work properly. A managed hosting provider will likely deploy internal updates to the source code to address them.

You can request free technical support from the hosting and ensure you’re making the most out of CyberPanel features.

Many web hosting companies provide CyberPanel Enterprise, the premium version with LiteSpeed Enterprise and additional website speed optimization. Ask the hosting provider which version they offer and on which Linux OS. It may affect the monthly fee.

You’re only paying for what you want. The cost of a hosting plan usually depends on how much control, SSD space usage, and RAM you’re allotted.

Cons of CyberPanel Hosting

You can’t use another control panel or OS. You’ll only be able to install software supported by CyberPanel and your current Linux distribution.

Internally developed features cannot be migrated to another provider. So if you switch hosting companies, you may need to figure out other ways to accomplish those tasks.

Most CyberPanel hosting providers are not well known. Although, that doesn’t mean they don’t have superb security, customer service, and uptime.

Highly technical users benefit more from a lower price for an unmanaged VPS. If you don’t need a graphical interface, or are capable of installing your preferred one, why limit yourself?

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